Dec. 17th, 2012 10:27 pm
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Begin Pointless Post:

The Magnum P.I. helicopter in the background of a scene in tonight's H50 episode made my day.

End Pointless Post.

H50 2.14

Jan. 17th, 2012 02:56 am
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I don't know why I watch this show anymore, even the immense pretty can't make this all worthwhile. I'd also like to know who is doing all this paperwork and internal investigation for the large number of people Five-O kills in every. single. episode.

Oh, and leave the ridiculous in-episode Subway ads to Chuck please. At least Subway helped keep Chuck alive on and on air for so long, it's a show thing. H50 and Subway have no such history. At least try to be like Fringe (or H50 S1), which demonstrates the "great features" of Ford vehicles in a still-annoying but less obtrusive fashion. When did television advertising revert to the 1950s approach? (No, that is not a real question, just an expression of frustration. I know why they're doing it.)

On the subject of tonight's episode, the only real thing I have to say is:


Random Castle aside:

Why is Beckett suddenly calling Esposito "Espo" all the time? Because I've just re-watched all three seasons in the past two weeks, I know she has never called him that before and then last episode, he became "Espo". I mean, the 4th season is a little late to give someone a nickname and pretend it's been that way all along, don't you think?
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H50 2.09 Ike Maka )

Why no Castle tonight, universe? I'm sick and cranky and I need my Nathan Fillion. :\

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H50 2.08 Lapa au )

Downton Abbey this week was incredibly intense. Talk about shit going down. I don't really have comments on anything else, I guess. *shrugs*


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